Experience something unique...Punta Roca:  a magical ‘Garden by the Sea’..

This 'day activity' offers a unique up-close and personal experience into the possibilities of 'living off the grid' and with the land!!!

Explore the surrounding area of Santa Catalina...there is a magical garden around the corner...beyond the end of the road!

Experience Punta Roca:  a magical ‘Garden by the Sea’.

Located 1.5 miles west of Sta. Catalina’s  town beach this secluded ‘secret spot’ offers the traveler a unique experience:  a mix of birding/hiking habitats along with a genuine ‘campesino’ -local lunch.  Javier will take you out to visit this ‘Garden by the Sea’ that he has lived with, planted a fruit orchard, raised chickens, is currently setting up a honey bee project!,  and kept up/called his own since 1995.  This remote location offers that special essence that only exists beyond the end of the road.

With incredible ocean views/sunsets of Coiba Island, Santa Catalina Island, and many smaller islets and look out spots your hike out will be well worth the sweat…of course there is a variety of avifauna to observe along the way. 

Local lunch with the Batista-Piedra Family under their ‘rancho’ is one of the highlights of this trip.  You will enjoy a plate of ‘arroz con coco’ (coconut rice) with lentils and fresh fish (not always on the plate/optional).  Hydrate  with a fresh ‘pipa’ / coconut water!!  A local meal prepared locally in a very local environment…a small window into the local ‘campesino’ way of life.

Places lke this are disappearing quickly in todays 'modern-developed' world.  This day activity offers a very unique experience.

$50USD per person (four adults max per trip/ aprox. 40min hike-walk one way)

This trip can also be done by Kayak and/or horseback.

Contact Javier at cell# 65441806 / javier@birdcoiba.com/ www.birdcoiba.com/ Face book page ‘Bird Coiba’ … make it happen!