Bird Coiba National Park / World Heritage Site:

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ANAM Headquarters

The ANAM Station:  Autoridad Nacional del Ambiente / National Authority on the Environment.


Located in Playa Gambute, this is currently the park headquarters. The camp was originally used as one of the 20 'satellite' camps under the control of the main/central prison of Bahía Damas.  In the mid-late 80's it was used as 'Club Pacifico', a famous/elite fishing lodge construed by Bob Griffin. This area became a biological research station back in 1993 when the park was first born.  It served the 39 professional researchers (both Panamanians and Spanish) who scientifically presented the rich biodiversity of the Park to the public in form of the text Flora y fauna del Parque Nacional Coiba (Panamá).  Inventario preliminar – edited by the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation. Currently the ANAM Station not only serves as headquarters but also as the only land based lodging area in the entire park.

The ANAM Station...Playa Gambute
Situated at the northeast end of the island the ANAM Station sits in a beautiful bay with a white sandy beach by the name of Playa Gambute.  There is a nice outside terrace area for sitting, socializing and simply taking in the beautiful beach/ surroundings.  This is where you arrive, sign in to the visitors log, check out the visitor’s center/ museum and check into your room if staying the night(s).  With plenty of open space between sleeping quarters and the mess hall you can observe Green Iguanas, the Coiba ‘Ñeque’ (Dasyprocta coibae), ‘Tito’ the 'pet' saltwater crocodile, a plethora of birds, and often the raucous White-faced/ Capuchin Monkey…all right at the station.  Not a bad place to observe wildlife!
Coiba Ñeque   Dasyprocta coibae
Blue-footed Boobie  Sula variegata  ...local ANAM Station visitor!
There is a great little visitors center/museum at the ANAM Station.  Nice large maps and beautiful pictures and descriptions of the park from it's inception to the sure to take a look before leaving.
Visitors center/ museum at ANAM Station...Playa Gambute.
The Station currently holds four single story buildings with two dormitory rooms per building.  Each room has 4-6 beds, shower, and bathroom. Beds come with sheets, pillow and many times toilet paper…bring a small personal stash for emergencies when waiting on the park staff won’t do. Electricity from a solar array will power your simple room with light and outlets from around 7pm to 1am.  There is an accommodating mess hall / kitchen where visiting groups sit down for meals prepared by their guide and/or groups cook.  There is no store. Everything must be brought from the mainland. Your Bird Coiba Tour will include a personal cook that Javier contracts for multiple day trips.  You will be asked in advance to share any dietary concerns as well as know allergies.  You will eat well!!
Basic door style rooms/lodging at the ANAM Station.
¡Buen provecho!
ANAM Station grounds with one of the cabins in the background.
Remember this is a loosely structured government operated national park. By no means is it a hotel. The park guards also sleep and eat at the station. They have their own lodging quarters and mess hall.  They also keep the place tidy, perform routine patrols, and help out whenever they can. Clean and relatively comfortable, the ANAM Station serves as a great base camp during your Bird Coiba Adventure Tour. 
Yellow-headed Caracara  Milvago the ANAM Station 2011.