Bird Coiba National Park / World Heritage Site: 

small groups, quality service, personal attention... safety first!!

About Your Guide

Coiba National Park Field Specialist/Birding Guide/Eco-Tour Guide/ Surf Guide, 15 year plus Santa Catalina resident : JAVIER ELIZONDO- Native to So. California, he arrived in Panama (upon graduating from UCSB BA Spanish Lit. BA Philosophy) as a Peace Corps Volunteer in 1993-95 introducing sustainable agriculture techniques in Chagres National Park.

As a resident of the town of Sta. Catalina since 1996 Javier has personally watched the transformation/transition of Coiba Island as National Penal Colony (1918-1993) to National Park (1993) to UNESCO World Heritage Site (2004).  His visits to Coiba began at the inception, during the time of co-existence between Penal Colony and National Park (1993-2002).  He has been guiding groups out to Coiba for more than a decade!

Whether it's seeking out the endemic Coiba Spinetail, hiking to a 'secret' waterfall, observing the spectacular Scarlet Macaws, snorkeling a remote stretch of coral reef, or even surfing an empty line-up on the shores of one of the most pristine islands in the world; Javier will cater to your specific/personal itinerary. His past working experience as a Lifeguard (for the City of Solana Beach - San Diego, CA USA) enables him to ensure safety to his groups at a top professional level. Sensitive to children (father of three!), teenagers, and adults of all ages make him an 'easy' person to be around. His practical field knowledge of Panama's flora and fauna (esp. on Coiba) gives him credibility on many levels. Travels have taken him to almost every continent.

Ask him about others parts of the country and his love for the culturally rich and biologically diverse Isthmus of Panama will shine through.

Bird the field.